b2zone service features

You get all this right away (3rd release)

You begin your b2zone project by setting up your business website and your offers. Our white label templates allow you to easily upload high quality big pictures so that you can tell your customers everything they need to know about you, your business and your products.
The use of our software and services are completely free. The only thing you pay for is a small flat fee for every item you sell. No unexpected or hidden fees whatsoever is the b2zone promise.

How to use b2zone simplify business software

1a. b2zone business service - sell your products:

  • Business website including the possibility to easily integrate PayPal
  • Sell your products worldwide
  • Inspire your customers with big and strong pictures
  • Incentivize your customers to purchase by telling stories about you and your products
  • Sell your products directly on social media. You can quickly share your products (including purchase action buttons) through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

1b. b2zone business service - sell your digital offers:

  • You can sell any digital data by using the b2zone service
  • It is very simple to create an offer, upload your files and embed the offer into your website project
  • It is a specialized service for photographers, musicians, publishers, software developers and many others

2. Standard features:

  • Create your products, product variants and digital offers
  • Track shipments
  • b2zone invoicing services:
    • Your customers automatically receive an invoice generated by us, you have no additional work
    • You also automatically receive the invoice for your accounting records
  • You have the option to price your products including or excluding VAT
  • You can determine shipping costs (no or extra shipping costs, included in price or excluded in price) individually for each product
  • Your product listings are of course fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets
  • b2zone features are completely free from third-party ads
  • You get our b2zone one-to-one support through our Facebook page or by e-mail.

Upcoming features (4th release)

Our next version will also offer you the possibility to sell booking offers. You will have the option to offer products, digital offers and booking offers at the same time within the same website project.

  • Create a set offer from many single offers
  • You will be able to additionally upload up to 5 photos per offer
  • Create even more advanced website designs with our templates in the future
  • You will be able to embed up to 20 offers per web page.


  • Url shortener: name.b2.zone
  • b2zone analytics
  • More pages in your project including sub-menus
  • Manage your products by categories
  • b2zone documents and text library
  • Share your offers on Google+