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My wonderful world of warm colors

It takes many steps for turning a maiden piece of leather into something unique and beautiful. The coloring and finish of a leather piece is what brightens the beauty of all the work steps.





Creating lasting beauty


For me, leather is a warm product. We can feel this when we touch it, it just feels comfortable to our hands. And this is why it is so important to me to compliment and intensify this warmth by the colors I choose for my products.

I dye them with a professional high quality alcohol-based leather dye that penetrates the leather and won't fade in sunlight. Depending on the surface of the leather there are up to three dyings needed for an even and deep color result.

To obtain a special depth in the color nuances afterwards, I am using various finishing techniques which I developed over the years. I always take up a lot of time for this important process.


Set of knife sheath and matching knife

This unique dragon scales knife sheath is made of high quality european veg tanned leather. It's all hand tooled and hand stitched. Along with it comes a matching knife with a  4'' blade of 440 stainless steel. The knife handle is wrapped in leather that was wet molded for a snug fit. The handle cover is baseball stitched and carries the same dragon scale tooling to match the sheath. Dyed in a deep brown color, antiqued and sealed for moisture protection. 

USD $139.00


Archery arm guard tribal wolf head

Unique item - hand crafted - will be made to order - no shipping costs

Beautiful arm guard with a debossed tribal wolf head design. Crafted of high quality German veg tanned leather. It owns flexible D-eyelets and a garmented rubber lace for easy Quick-fix adjusting on your forearm. Closure is made of deer antler. Beautifully antique finished and coated for moisture protection.

USD $79.00


Big shoulder bag, hunting bag  American kestrel

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

This extraordinary one of a kind shoulder bag is a work of art. Made of German veg tanned leather and lined inside with soft sheep leather. The flap is decorated with a beautifully tooled, embossed and hand-painted three dimensional american kestrel motif. The feathers sitting on the adjustable belt are worked out of the leather itself. Measurements: Width 11'', height 8'', depth 3''. An unique and eye-catching artwork 

USD $580.00


Archery belt quiver with sculpted wolf motif

Unique item - hand crafted - will be made to order - no shipping costs 

Beautiful archery belt side quiver with an embossed and sculpted howling wolf motif. This belt quiver is worn on the side of your belt and keeps up to six arrows 5/16'' safe and secure with easy access to the arrows. The arrows are rear-facing. Fits belts up to 2.5'' width. Can be made for left hand archers and with a customized motif of your choice. Please allow up to three weeks for making.

USD $129.00



Conserving and protecting


Many of my products are designed for being used outdoors. This means that they need a good conservation to protect the beautiful finish on a long term. But also a belt should not bleed color into garment. This is why a good conservation and sealing is so important. For conservation of my items I am using various products that have been tried and tested for decades. These conservation products make the leather moisture resistant and protect the colors and the beautiful finish of the item for years, so even with traces of usage it will still remain beautiful.



Belt pouch Celtic corner

Unique item - hand crafted - will be made to order - no shipping costs

This nice belt pouch has a beautiful celtic corner tooled on the flap. With deer antler toggle on braided leather lace for closure. Pouch measurements: Width 7'', height 4.5'', depth 1.5''. Belt loops take belts up to 2.5'' width.

USD $110.00


Belt pouch Antler rose

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

Unique belt pouch with a decorative deer antler rose closure as special eye-catcher. Made of German veg tanned leather, all hand stitched and beautifully antique finished. Belt loops will take belts up to 3'' width. Pouch measurements: Width 7'', height 4.5'', depth 1.5''

USD $110.00


Antique finished belt pouch with traditional arrowhead design

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

Beautifully antique finished belt pouch with tooled traditional arrowhead. Belt loops take belts up to 2.5'' width. Made of German veg tanned leather, all hand stitched. Measurements: Width 7'', height 4.5'', depth 1.5''.

USD $89.00


Bracelet with mystery braid

Unique item - hand crafted - will be made to order - no shipping costs

Beautifully crafted bracelet with inserted mystery braid. This unique bracelet is adjustable up to a wrist size of 8''. The lavish antique finish gives it a unique and  extraordinary look. Please allow time for making. 

USD $79.00



Good care for lasting beauty


 Leather is a natural material, it is skin. Skin requires moisture and vegetable or animal wax to keep it's beauty and suppleness. My products receive this care and it is dormant under the leather finish. Still it is important to give a leather product a little care once in a while, especially when it is used in all kinds of weather. This care shall brisk up the colors and the moisture sealant. A good choice is always a bees wax based leather care or Carnauba wax, which should be applied after a careful cleaning of the leather item with a dry cloth.


Archery side quiver with special features

Unique item - hand crafted - will be made to order - no shipping costs

Beautiful archery side quiver with special features. The belt loops can be removed and be excanged by a shoulder strap (not included in this offer, please order separately), so the quiver can also be switched to your back on a longer hike. It has arrow loops inside to keep arrows silent and safe in place. This quiver is completely basket-weave stamped with a beautiful pair of feathers tooled on the front. Made of durable German veg tanned leather, all saddle-stitched by hand.

USD $229.00