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A great variety of crafting techniques

With leather, I have found a material that allows so many techniques and artistic ideas, it almost has no limits. It can be tooled, formed, embossed, painted, or even just left in it's natural style and it always looks wonderful when treated properly. Artisan work and also artistic work is possible to do with and in leather. This has amazed me from the very start and the process of learning and exploring is still amazing to me. 





 Extreme embossing
making it real

When I discovered extreme embossing and leather sculpting as a great technique and option to make my motifs even more real, it was a great step ahead for me. What an adventure to explore and execute this!

Extreme embossing is a technique that creates a great three-dimensional depth of a motif. Every detail of the motif has to be studied carefully up front. The growth direction of hair, feathers and the body proportions. The leather is widened in the wet state and the resulting cavity is filled with a mixture of leather dust and leather cement, then modeled and shaped from the other side. Each individual hair, each feather is cut and worked out with a scalpel or a special hairing blade. Very real-looking motifs can be created this way.

Leather wallet Howling wolf

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

Fantastic one-of-a-kind leather wallet with an embossed head of a howling wolf, beautifully painted and framed by a traditional edge braiding.

This unique wallet owns three card slots, a coin pouch and a bill section. It is made of European veg tanned sheep skin. Width 5'', height 4.5''

USD $239.00

Leather belt buckle Eagle

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

The ultimate decoration for your belt! Beautifully crafted leather belt buckle with an american bald eagle motif. All hand-tooled and the feathers are slightly lifted. The beautiful and tight edge braiding makes the motif stand out even more. All hand-painted and carefully sealed.

USD $129.00


Leather wallet Cowboy and horse

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

Beautiful and very special wallet made of German veg-tanned leather, with Mexican edge braiding and very detailed tooling of a cowboy with his horse. This wallet owns 4 card slots, a coin pouch and a bill section. All hand-stitched. Width 5'', height 4.5''

USD $198.00


Bracelet with sculpted feather Natural

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

Beautiful bracelet with embossed natural feather. The feather is worked off the base leather piece, all tooled, carefully cut with a scalpel, sealed and hand painted. Made of natural German veg tanned leather. Adjustable through a buckle up to a wrist circumference of approx. 8''.

USD $79.00


 Expanded techniques for special looks


When it comes to techniques and possibilities to embellish leather, I am always in front and eager to learn and expand my skills. Sometimes a product needs a frame to appeal. For this, braiding and lacing techniques are very suitable and a braided leather art work is always something special. When I prepare my products for edge braiding, I use a special stitching chisel for punching the holes. This guarantees the holes to be even and in the appropriate size, for a tidy look. I like it when the braiding is as close as possible to the leather edges. I like it also to have the holes rather close together to make my braiding really tight, because I think it creates a beautiful and compact look.



Leather jewelry set with labradorite cabochons

Unique items - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

Beautiful, unique and eye-catching womens' leather jewelry set with mezmerizing labradorite cabocons. The cabochons are bezel-set into the leather and are complimented by the colors of the leather feathers. On the pendant, the feathers are beautifully sculpted for a most natural look. The brachelet is easily fixed on your arm by a Sam Brown stud. Allow yourself a unique appearance by wearing this wonderful leather jewelry set! If you want to order this set with different colors, please message me through my contact form.

USD $195.00


Journal cover Celtic corner

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

This great looking journal cover is made of European veg tanned sheep skin, it has a very soft touch. Fits all A5 day planners or books. All hand stitched and dyed in a beautiful walnut color. Hand-tooled and painted celtic edge decoration with leaves, the page divider owns the same leaf. With pen loop and press button closure.

USD $115.00


Field notes cover with wood structure

Unique item - hand crafted - made to order - no shipping costs

This beautiful field notes cover is not only practical but an artwork itself and an eye catcher. It's made of European veg tanned cow hide. The unique wood texture is all hand tooled and so is the beautiful stag head. It is skillfully hand painted for a most real look. The cover is hand stitched and owns pockets for credit cards and bills. Beautifully antiqued and sealed.

USD $169.00


Bracelet Celtic Filigree

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

This very unique celtic style bracelet is made of German veg tanned leather with a beautiful antique finish. The intricate celtic motif is cut with a scalpel and has a beautiful dark green background lining. It is adjustable to a maximum wrist circumference of 8''.

USD $79.00



Leather stitching
solid and decorative

Stitching different leather parts together for me means not only producing some kind of stitching. In my book a leather seam has two functions. One is to keep the article assembled on a long-term. The second one is the decorative aspect. I prefer the saddle stitch technique using two needles.

My stitching is done by hand and when I do it I love to sit on my 80years old wooden stitching pony which I restored myself. Hand stitched seams keep for decades. I prefer to pre-punch my stitching holes and I am using high quality waxed thread for all my stitching.


Shoulder bag Wolf eyes 

Unique item - hand crafted - in stock - no shipping costs

A really unique and eye-catching shoulder bag! Made of high quality supple German veg tanned pre-oiled cowhide. The "wolf behind frazzle" motif is carefully carved, tooled and also hand painted. The wolf eyes are embossed for a most natural and three dimensional look. An artwork for daily use. This shoulder bag owns separate pouches on the back, front and inside. Shoulder strap is adjustable through Sam Brown studs.

USD $320.00


Archery belt quiver Native bear claws

Unique item - hand crafted - will be made to order - no shipping costs

Beautiful archery belt quiver with native -style bear claws, debossed tooling. This belt quiver is worn in the back area of your belt and keeps up to eight arrows 5/16'' safe and secure. Easy access to the arrows for left- and right handed archers. The devider is made of deer antler rose. Fits belts up to 2.5'' width. Can be made with a motif of your choice.

USD $90.00