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Stepping into the creative process


Every new project for me means new excitement. Even if it's a motif or an item I have already done before it is still always a new task and a fresh start all over again. Pretty often it is that I have to design a project completely new to fit the customer's ideas and desire. My customers can always rest assured that I will come up with neat solutions, be it that their idea can't be processed in a way that would leave them and also me as a crafter satisfied. For me, a professional advice for my customers is always essential. Sometimes they just give me some basic benchmark data of their idea and leave the design completely up to me. This is always a highly appreciated vote of confidence for me.    






From idea to project


In order to realize an idea for a project, I usually make my own patterns and stencils. This creative process starts with a project idea that comes to my mind spontaneously or out of a simple need.

Pretty often it is also the input and desire of my customers that I bring to realization. I start with drawing sketches to visualize the idea first. Then I develop the patterns for the items and the stencils for the motifs I would like to tool into the leather.


Custom leather archery arm guard Black Widow

Hand crafted - unique item - will be made to order - No shipping costs

Unique and eye-catching custom archery arm guard with embossed Black Widow motif. Made of German veg tanned leather, hand tooled and beautifully painted for a most real look. The body of the 'Redback' is embossed to make it look even more three dimensional. Quick-fix lacing for easy adjustingon your forearm.

USD $98.00


Braided leather wallet Floral Corner

Hand crafted - unique item - in stock - No shipping costs

This beautiful wallet will be your life-time companion. It is made of high quality German veg tanned leather with a traditional Sheridan floral corner tooled on front and back. Nice and tight edge braiding to compliment the motif. The wallet owns four card slots, a bill section and a coin pouch. Special gimmick is a leather loop inside that holds a small ball pen (included).

USD $169.00


Big shoulder bag Hunting bag

Hand crafted - unique item - will be made to order - no shipping costs

Beautiful versatile hunting shoulder bag hand-made with high quality German veg tanned and pre-oiled leather. the shoulder strap is adjustable. Measurements are: Height 9'', width 11'', depth 3''.This beautiful shoulder bad owns extra pouches on front, back and inside. Closure is a deer antler rose. Flap is lined with dark brown rabbit leather.

USD $198.00



Proper tools for a

professional look


It's very important for me to create my work process in a way that provides a good basis for the further processing of an item. When cutting the leather after I have transferred all the patterns, I pay much attention on sharp cutting knives and other tools that produce clean edges.

It's my unalterable belief that a proper trimming of leather edges by using the right tools and finishes is essential for a decorative and professional impression. I involve quite some time to produce this neat look.



Old time Sporran

Hand crafted - unique item - in stock - No shipping costs

Beautifully crafted belt pouch hand made of soft and durable buffalo leather. The Celts and Scotsmen used to wear these pouches on their Kilt belt to carry all stuff they needed, since a Kilt has no pockets.The pouch flap is closed through a leather lace and has a deer antler rose as a closure. The belt loop fits belts up to 3''.

USD $89.00


Leather knife sheath with matching knife

Hand crafted - unique item - in stock - no shipping costs

This good looking knife sheath was made to snug-fit the knife that is included in this offer. Sheath is made of heavy German veg tanned cowhide. It is tooled with a tribal snake motif and has a beautiful antique finish. The belt loop fits belts up to 2'' width. The knife has a Bowie-style blade and is made of 440 inox steel.

USD $102.00


Round flask cover

Hand crafted - unique item - in stock - no shipping costs

This is a rare antique stainless steel round flask in a beautiful cover. Cover is made of German veg tanned leather and it's beautifully decorated with basket weave stamping. Mexican edge braiding gives it an extra special look. It can be worn on a belt or cross shoulder with the detachable strap. Certainly an item that will accompany it's owner for decades.

USD $198.00



Leather tooling
my meditiation


Leather tooling for me is a high art and something really special. I love the artistic approach of bringing motifs onto a maiden piece of leather and create a most three dimensional clean picture that looks as real as possible.

When doing so, I imagine a real object, hights, depths, shadings, all the dimensions. I must know and select my tools that I am going to use to create this effect on the leather piece. For me this whole process feels like meditation and I always find myself completely involved in it. It's just me, my tools and a piece of fine leather. I am loving this process.


Archery arm guard Wing design

Hand crafted - unique item - in stock - no shipping costs

This unique archery arm guard design is inspired by the wings of a bird of prey. It is made of german veg-tanned leather, all hand carved, tooled and dyed in a walnut tan color with black feather tips. Adjustable trough two leather straps with Sam Brown studs.

USD $92.00


Bracelet with glass eye Amber fire

Hand crafted - unique item - will be made to order - no shipping costs

This unique bracelet with a beautiful warm amber-colored glass eye was made of veg tanned leather, hand tooled and hand stitched- and dyed. Bracelet is adjustable to a max. size of 8'' wrist circumference through a small buckle. It will be an eyecandy on either a women's or a men's wrist.


USD $89.00