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About me

Although I grew up in an artistic environment, I could never imagine to be a part of that world, however, nowadays I love the beauty and the job well done on my scrimshaw works and I invest a lot of time in the final finish of each piece. After spending countless hours reading about different engraving techniques, I decided to practice without stopping. As I'm constanly shriving to improve my skill set I will also have a look into other scrimshaw techniques like "Saami" and "Strong water"






I was fascinated by the simplicity of the morphology of this reindeer antler piece, despite the pore in the central zone. Perfect imperfect beauty. With its acrobatic flight, the dragonfly appears a recurrent insect in my drawings. I like the image of fragility that it transmits, in spite of being extraordinarily strong and voracious.

The dragonfly knows that it has a short life and takes advantage to live it to the maximum. Its iridescent wings are sensitive to the slightest breeze and they are message-carriers, out of deep and hidden thoughts, breathing fresh air.

Scrimshaw earrings "Edelweiss"

Pair of scrimshaw engraved earrings with Edelweiss motif on moose antler piece, german silver hitch.
Scrimshaw engraving measures 1.7cm / 1,4cm, wider side.
full measure of moose parts 5.2 / 1.8 cm.
As german silver 1.2cm hitch.
Unique piece, handmade.

EUR €90.00
incl. 21.00% IVA

 Scrimshaw "Dragonfly"

Antler burrs scrimshaw engraved dragonfly on flower, cow leather cord, hammered alpaca clamps, closure is made of ram horn, the wings are made of bull horn from a Spanish fighting bull.

Measure of engraving to scrimshaw 3.2cm / 4.2cm, wider side.
Measure 7.2cm / 6.1cm approx.
Measure of cow leather cord 47cm. Approx.
Measure of the closure, ram horn 6,6cm / 0.9cm and wings of bull horn 7cm / 3cm.


EUR €250.00
incl. 21.00% IVA

 Scrimshaw "Myrna Darby"

Antler burrs scrimshaw engraved face of Myrna Darby, kangaroo leather cord, german silver clamps, closure of ram horn and stabilized maple wood. Scrimshaw engraving measure 4,1cm / 4,5cm, wider side.
Measure pendant 6,6cm / 5.8 cm approx.
Measure of kangaroo leather cord 45cm. approx.
Measure of ram horn closure,  5.9 cm / 3cm and stabilized maple wood  4.5cm / 2cm.

EUR €280.00
incl. 21.00% IVA




I have some strong memories that involve the roe deer, thus it was special for me to scrimshaw engrave it. Once, my husband and I travelled to Yugoslavia, only half a year after the Balkan war. The strange and strong contrast of the beautiful nature where my husband went for hunting roe deer, the wonderful personality of the inhabitants and the devastation from the war that was still present, is what tightly connected me with the roe deer. It is about freedom, beauty and resilience.


Scrimshaw "Roe deer"

Scrimshaw engraved roe deer on an antler piece, stabilized maple wood with vulcanized green fiber. 
Kangaroo leather cord, clamps of german silver, closure of camel bone, stabilized maple wood tip with vulcanized fiber, whitetail deer and ram horn.

Scrimshaw engraving measures 3.5cm / 1.9 cm, wider side.
As part of the Total 6.2 / 2,9cm.
Measure of kangaroo leather cord, approx 23cm. per side.
As of closing, 4.5cm. tip of deer, camel and maple 3,3cm.
Unique piece, handmade.

EUR €90.00
incl. 21.00% IVA

Scrimshaw "Zebras"

Warthog tusk scrimshaw engraving, ebony, kangaroo leather cord, german silver and pearl moose. 
Measurement 5cm/2cm aprox. scrimshaw engraving, wider side. 
Measure warthog tusk outside diameter 10cm.aprox . 
Measurement  kangaroo leather cord 16 cm. 
Measure closure elk pearl 5,2cm and ebony 3,9cm / 2,7 cm.

Unique piece

EUR €225.00
incl. 21.00% IVA

Scrimshaw "Koala"

Warthog tusk scrimshaw engraving, ebony, mosaic pin, kangaroo leather cord, german silver and pearl moose.
Measurement 6cm/3cm scrimshaw engraving, wider side.
Measure outside diameter warthog tusk 13.5cm.approx .
Measurement  kangaroo leather cord, 53.5 cm.
Measure closure elk pearl 3.7cm and ebony 3.5cm / 2.4 cm.

EUR €225.00
incl. 21.00% IVA

Some time ago I developed a small study of drawings of Edelweiss flowers. It seemed to me a curious flower, a perfect reflection of a strange beauty, sedate and fluffy. 

Even if fragile-looking, the Edelweiss is extremely durable and able to withstand extremely cold temperatures, growing between rocks in an altitude of 1500m. Courage, nobility and honor are the features of the men who made that special trip to the mountains to pick this flower for their beloved ones as it stood as symbol of eternal love that never dries. If you ever happen to hold an edelweiss flower in the hands you're sure near silver stars that are flooding the sky.

Scimshaw Edelweiss necklace.

Moose antler piece scrimshaw engraving, wood purple heart, kangaroo leather cord, german silver clamps, closure made of white-tailed deer antler, white-tailed deer antler tip, white vulcanized fiber and purple heart.
Scrimshaw engraving measures 3.6 cm / 1.9 cm, wider side.
Measure of the the total 7.4 / 2.4 cm.
Measure of kangaroo leather cord  approx 23cm. per side.
Measure of closure  4.6cm., antler tip 3.7cm.
Unique piece, handmade.

EUR €90.00
incl. 21.00% IVA

Scrimshaw "Sewing"

Piece of scrimshaw engraved reindeer antler, kangaroo leather cord, german silver clamps, closure of white-tailed deer horn on the thimble and ram's horn on the needle.
Scrimshaw engraving measure 5.4cm / 1,6cm, wider side.
Measure pendant 8,4cm / 3.6 cm approx.
Measure of kangaroo leather cord 47cm approx.
Measure closure, thimble 2.4 cm / 1.9 cm and needle 5.4cm / 0.6cm.

EUR €160.00
incl. 21.00% IVA