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Using pieces that are made with unique and exotic materials is not  a particularly tricky deal. Some of that quality does not require more care than any other piece of jewelry. All materials I use in my creations are strong, tough and always submitted to quality testing. If they do not surpass this testing I will not use them. 

The raw materials we use are from selected suppliers around the world which are taking special care to follow the rules of hygiene and conservation of existing species in the European Union. That ensures excellent quality and customer satisfaction.






To make your pieces always look like they did the first day, just follow a few simple care instructions:
Do not clean the horn, leather or wood with dishwasher soap or alike cleansing detergents. Use a cloth dampened with cold water for cleaning and dry immediately with another dry absorbent cloth or paper towel, never with a hair dryer to speed the process. Do not soak the horn, leather or wood in tap water, shower or pool. Also, do not store the horn, leather or wood in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. Always remove jewelry before you shower or wash your hands.